NEW YEAR’S PARTIES: Convulsion and Pressure in Families

We must quickly realize and understand the importance or habit of celebrating Christmas and New Year that we inherit from the West.
However, the social situation of Angolan families is precarious and has been further aggravated by the high level of unemployment among its members.
The lack of financial conditions to waste on the superfluous expenses of the holiday season is causing convulsion and destabilization in families, the pressure is increasing and the values ​​that guide the Bantu people are extinct or disappear.
The western acculturation of our peoples is increasingly causing tension in Families, as it promotes easy living, encourages them to live other people’s lives, other people’s dreams, and to think other people’s thoughts just to satisfy their whims.
They forget that needs are unlimited and resources are scarce, hence the need for financial rationality.
Families are increasingly strangers to themselves, do not know each other, live beyond their means and, promote begging, deny themselves the dignity of living on their own costs and possibilities.
We must cultivate the rescue of the cultural, economic-financial, and festive values ​​of our people, in this way, we will save lives and reduce deaths from stroke and suicide.
Lucrécio Filipe Daniel
FreeMind FreeWorld.Org
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